The Prep The Student News Site of Loyola Academy Wed, 12 Feb 2020 21:08:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 President Trump Acquitted by Senate Wed, 12 Feb 2020 21:08:25 +0000 Donald Trump’s impeachment trial has come to a close, ending with his acquittal. Although the uncertainty with his place in office is over for now, it leaves many questions lingering about the future. 

Trump was the third president in history to be impeached, and he was charged with two articles, abuse of power and obstruction of the Congress. The allegations against Trump stated that he purposely withheld military aid and that he held a meeting to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden and his son. The latter served on a Ukrainian energy company while his father was in office, which caused Trump concern. 

After the House voted to impeach the President, they rushed the impeachment into trial with the Senate, causing them to not be able to obtain all of the evidence they had hoped in time. The House’s requests for evidence and speakers were repeatedly denied by the Senate, which currently leans Republican. This makes this trial unique among the three others, as it is the first in United States history without any witnesses testifying. 

67 votes were needed to convict and remove the president. All 47 Democrats in the Senate voted to convict on the first article, abuse of power. Republican Mitt Romney (R-Utah) voted to convict on this charge as well. The remaining Republicans voted to acquit and that majority won out. 

On the second charge, obstruction of congress, no Senators broke their party lines when voting, and Trump was acquitted on this as well. 

While there are many divided emotions on the outcome of the trial, with the upcoming election, the people will ultimately get their say when voting to reelect Trump or not. The precedent that this trial has set will certainly be seen in future years, especially with the lack of evidence able to have been shown. 

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Super Summary: Super Bowl Highlights Wed, 12 Feb 2020 21:06:24 +0000 In case you didn’t have time to partake in the unofficial American holiday on Sunday, you have come to the right spot for the best summary available.

The NFL Super Bowl went down on February 2, 2020 in Miami, Florida. It featured a highly anticipated matchup between the elite defensive squad of the San Francisco 49ers and the explosive offense of the Kansas City Chiefs. In contrast to the boring 13-3 affair of Super Bowl LIII, Super Bowl LIV was expected to be a high scoring affair. The evenly matched teams had Vegas bookies set the line at KC -1.5, a very slight favorite. 

The night started out with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem sung by Demi Lovato, followed by the kickoff.

After an early defensive stop by the Niners, QB Jimmy Garoppolo led his team down the field to kick off the scoring with a field goal, putting the 49ers up 3-0.

Last year’s MVP Patrick Mahomes, QB for the Chiefs, was not to be denied on his second drive however, which culminated in his own 1 yard run for the first touchdown of the game. The game continued to be relatively back and forth for most of the first half, with the teams heading into the locker room with the score tied at 10 apiece.

After a stunning halftime performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, the second half started all Niners. Having forced a rare interception from Mahomes, Jimmy G led his squad on two long scoring drives, capped off with a Raheem Mostert one yard TD run.

They entered the 4th quarter riding a 20-10 lead and feeling good. Mahomes rallied his troops once again with around 12 minutes to go, and found a rhythm to march down the field. However, disaster struck after a tipped ball off WR Tyreek Hill’s hands gave the Niners the ball with 10 minutes remaining, still up 10. 

The Chiefs made a quick stop on Jimmy G and got the ball deep in their own territory. The game looked to be getting out of reach as a penalty put them at 3rd and 15 on their own 35. However, 49ers Safety Jimmie Ward lost Tyreek Hill in coverage, resulting in a 44 yard completion that brought new life for the Chiefs. Mahomes quickly threw his first touchdown of the night to TE Travis Kelce with 6:31 left in the game, 20-17. The rest of the game was all Chiefs as they piled on 2 more TDs in the last 6 minutes to win comfortably 31-20.

Head Coach of the 49ers Kyle Shanahan took some heat after the loss due to another blown lead in a big game, the first being the infamous 25 point squandered lead to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes won the MVP award, with over 300 total yards and 3 total touchdowns to go along with 2 INTs in an up and down game for the young stud. KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid finally got his sought after win in his 21st season coaching. The 10 point comeback marked the third straight game the Chiefs had rallied during their postseason run, after falling down 24 to the Texans and 10 to the Titans, after respectively. You could never really count this team out, and they are currently the Super Bowl LV favorite.

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on their first Super Bowl win since 1970!

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Trump’s To-Do List for November Includes Reaching Wary Voters Mon, 10 Feb 2020 19:20:03 +0000 Back in December, President Trump joined an exclusive list when he became only the third president in American history to be impeached. Come November, he will attempt to be the first to ever win a re-election post-impeachment.

In the four days since the senate’s historic decision, the President has been running his victory lap, continuing to claim that the entire impeachment process was a partisan effort to simply remove him from office over crimes he is innocent of. 

It’s hard to tell exactly, based on his impeachment, where Trump stands with regards to his re-election in nine months. Like many things over the course of his tenure, there is no historical precedent for it. What may be working for him, however, is that Trump’s approval rating currently sits around 49%, which would be the highest it has ever been since he took office over three years ago. 

Trump’s acquittal, which was in fact almost strictly partisan (with the exception of Sen. Mitt Romney R-UT) may be playing right into Trump’s narrative. It is not him who is guilty of anything, he claims, it is the corrupt political machine of the opposing party that is in the wrong. Trump’s all-time high approval rating may be evidence of the fact that some new supporters are rallying around him.

Now, Trump and his re-election committee have set their eyes on November, and have seemingly focused on a broad game plan to secure another win.

Trump’s reelection committee paid for and ran a 60 second Super Bowl commercial, viewed by over 120 million people, that spoke to his commitment to criminal justice reform. It showcased the story of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old African-American woman whose sentence for a nonviolent drug offense was commuted by President Trump.

Some are suggesting the ad is part of an effort by the president to win the approval of African-American voters, who have overwhelmingly negative views on Trump and his administration. 

One fact stands in Trump’s way, however. Since 2017, he has been one of the most divisive presidents in American history. His re-election committee has been tasked with attempting to reign in some of the moderate suburban voters who have slowly been turning democrat since 2016 in some key states that Trump carried his first time around.

With impeachment behind him, the President will have to rely on one of his strongest calling cards, the economy. He will continue to emphasize the improvement of the stock market and employment under his tenure to many who turned away from him and his party in 2018. 

While the democratic primaries continue to play out, Trump will continue to energize his staunch base of supporters while making an attempt to reach out beyond lines that he has previously failed to cross. 

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“You” Season Two Review Mon, 10 Feb 2020 19:18:23 +0000 Joe Goldberg may be the only stalker and killer who won the hearts of millions of viewers. 

Directors Lee Toland Krieger and David Lanzenberg worked together to create a psychological thriller, love story and mystery all into one show – You.

Season two starts with Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, moving to LA for a fresh start. His murder of ex-girlfriend Beck and potential revenge from another ex, Candace, runs him out of his home.

But his new life quickly looks familiar as he meets Love, a widower from the new book store he works at. Love, played by Victoria Pedretti, falls for Joe and is unaware of the danger he may bring. She overlooks the bad by only focusing on his love for kids, books and his dreamy eyes.

But secrets so big can’t stay in the dark forever. As his past life begins to unfold, Love reacts differently than expected. Joe Goldberg has to convince everyone he is innocent while working desperately hard to keep Love in his life. Will she run at the first sight of danger, or become an accomplice no one expected?

While binging the whole season as soon as it came it out, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Each episode’s plot was crazier than the last, filled with mystery, love and secrets. 

Penn Badgley’s acting is almost too real as he manipulates, lies and kills. But, his love and instinct to protect kids is heartwarming and making me feel for his character. 

Victoria Pedretti’s acting is just as flawless, and her kind heart and difficult past create a character that is almost impossible to dislike. 

Although Joe Goldberg falls in love pretty easily, and his relationship with Love seems real. The bond they share seem stronger than his past girlfriends and as I kept watching, it got stronger. 

Although their love seems great, the show is not realistic. Murders are brushed to the side and secrets are kept too easily. My only issue with the show was the fact that it was extremely unlikely to ever happen in real life, but other than that, it has my highest respect. 

If you have several hours to spare, I highly recommend You because it will be almost impossible to put down. I can’t wait for season three, and I can almost guarantee it will be even better than the last two. 

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Late Night at Loyola Mon, 03 Feb 2020 17:30:25 +0000 At Loyola Academy on Saturday, January 25th, 2020, Late Night at Loyola took place from 7 to 11 pm.  The event was full of entertainment and snacks including, but not limited to: the masked singer challenge, dodgeball, laser tag, swimming, inflatable jousting, and pizza. 

When you first arrived, you entered through the piazza, signing in with some of the students who were working the event.  The event, originally $15 at the door, was changed to FREE admission.

As soon as you made it inside, you could choose to go into either the West Gym or the East Gym.  In the West Gym, activities such as spike ball, ping pong, basketball, and inflatable jousting took place for the entirety of the night.  Meanwhile, in the East Gym, both dodgeball and the masked singer event happened throughout the night. 

Once you were in the hallway by the East Gym, you could either go upstairs for Anime and Murder Mystery or downstairs for Dungeons and Dragons and Laser tag.

Some of the highlights of the evening included murder mystery, the masked singer, and the movie in the pool all of which seemed to be a big hit.  

The murder mystery revolved around a woman who killed a man because of an affair.  The point of the game was to figure out which person was the murderer before you ran out of time.

The masked singer was a game where many attendees, including teachers, sang in front of everyone and then the crowd attempted to figure out who the singer was.  The winner won a gift card.

Finally, the movie in the pool took place for a good portion of the night.  When you walked onto the pool deck, you would see many different things happening.  On the screen you could see a movie playing, while in the pools you could see both swimming and horseplay.  

The idea for Late Night at Loyola came about when student council voted to decide what event Loyola would be hosting this year.  Throughout this process, the students decided that this year they didn’t want to host a dance hence the idea for Late Night at Loyola.

When school events roll around, I always find myself and many others asking ourselves a question: why are we required to stay at the school for such a long period of time?  When I asked Ms. Krein, she replied with an answer I’d never thought of. She told me that when we come into the school for a school event, the school wants to make sure we are safe within the time our parents expect us to be there.  The goal is to avoid someone or a group of kids leaving early and something bad happening to them.

Overall, I thought Late Night at Loyola was a huge success.  From the food to the activities, there wasn’t a truly dull moment throughout the night.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year.

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Ramblers Donate Blood Fri, 31 Jan 2020 18:22:32 +0000 On January 23th, Loyola held its annual blood drive in the West Gym for students to donate their blood.  

It is offered through the Red Cross, one of the biggest services that conducts blood drives. But not every student wants to donate their blood; it is for a specific type of people. Many people in fact have a fear of needles and therefore won’t get their blood drawn. But those who do know and are ok with doing it know it is for a purpose and are happy to donate their blood.   

Many students here at Loyola know the effects of the blood drive and how this simple task can all of a sudden change someone’s life.  Senior Angelina Simon said “I had extra time on my hands and my cousin’s life would not be here after a blood transplant.” So for some, this worldwide organization can be very personal and affect those in their everyday lives.  

Another senior, John Spagnolo said “Because it was a good thing to do.  I saw there was a low amount of blood donations.” Seeing this prompted John to take action to help those in need of blood.  He knew that doing this would help save lives and once he saw the opportunity he took it.  

He also thought about his grandma, who needed a blood transfusion. “When my grandma had leukemia, she needed blood.  To me, this was a very appropriate way to give back.” For many, they know how important this is, but some do not know whose lives they will affect. 

People will get involved in this no matter the age. When asked about how involved he is in the blood drive, Mr. Spellman, a retired math teacher who still volunteers at Loyola, said “I am involved in this because when I retired I try to help out here at Loyola. I help out with people being comfortable to sit down.”  There are a lot of people who are deeply involved in this and it means a lot to them.  

For some people, it may be just as simple as trying a new thing.  For others it could be as deep as a close relative’s life being saved. Everyone has their reasons, but the one thing that remains constant is that they are saving lives.  

One thing many people do not know is where their blood goes when they donate their blood.  The whole process goes beyond just the blood being drawn. When it is drawn, they put your blood on ice to keep it fresh.  

It is then transported to a processing center, where they scan it into a computer database.  They are then separated into components, which are packed as a unit ready to be used.  

Then they go in for testing to test for disease and blood type.  After the test results come in, they are put into storage where they are labeled and distributed to hospitals. 

And finally, the reason people donate blood, to save someone’s life. The blood is transfused with the patient who needs it depending on their illness. 

This blood drive goes a long way, and the outcome is usually a life that is saved.

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Great Defense Beats Great Offense Thu, 30 Jan 2020 19:48:01 +0000 The lockdown defense of the Loyola Academy Ramblers took on the high powered offense of the Evanston Wildkits, in a boys basketball game on Tuesday night at Evanston Township High School.

On Tuesday night, the Ramblers held true to their highly-rated defense by defeating the Wildkits in a low scoring game at only 41-33.

Going into the game, Evanston was ranked second in the state, and Loyola was ranked seventh, making Evanston the favorite of the night. The Ramblers thrive very much on the defensive side of the court, giving up (on average) only 33.8 points to their opponents each game, the lowest in the league.

On the other hand, the Wildkits’ offensive averages 62.8, which is ten points higher than Loyola’s average.

Loyola Seniors, Jake Welsh and Billy Palmer, spoke about how the team made goals prior to the start of the season, and one of the most driving goals this season was to win every rivalry game. Evanston was the last game that stood in the Ramblers’ way of coming out victorious in this goal, so, to say the least, Loyola had high intensity.

Before the game, Senior, Jake Welsh, described the team’s mentality as being “really hungry for this win.

Senior Billy Palmer, described it as “knowing we are the danger.” Billy Palmer says he, and all his teammates, take the rivalry very personally because he believes that the Evanston team “does not think of us as a threat.”

The Ramblers came out, right at the tip off, ready to prove that they were a threat and started off on a 5-0 run. Blake Peters on the Wildkits and Will Pujals on the Ramblers both had very strong first halves, going back and forth scoring for their teams. At the end of the first half, the Ramblers were up by five, which showed the importance of starting strong.

Jaylin Gibson and Blake Peters both made big shots and drives in the third quarter that kept the Wildkits in the game, slowly decreasing the Ramblers’ lead to only three.

Will Pujals got his team out of the scoring drought by hitting a big three and causing a major momentum shift in favor of the Ramblers.

The Ramblers were up 29-22 at the start of the fourth quarter, and a three by Matty Mangan and a slam dunk by Jordan Kwiecinski frustrated the Wildkits, making it a very physical game.

Emotions got the best of the Wilkits, and many fouls were called on Blake Peters, Jaylin Gibson, and Isaiah Holden in the final minutes that repeatedly brought the Ramblers to the free throw line.

Billy Palmer and Bennett Kwiecinski  made crucial free throws at the end of the game increasing the final score to be 41-33, making this the first time in nine years that Loyola has beaten Evanston.

In the last minute, Coach Livatino put in all seniors, including Joe McKenna and Will Loverdi for the first time this night, to let the oldest players finish off the game.

Welsh’s mother says that she tears up when she sees all the seniors on the court together, knowing that, for most of the players, it is their last year playing basketball.

She is someone who has watched the team grow over the past four years, and she believes that, through the leadership of Coach Livatino, the standard for each player to “have each other’s backs, on and off the court,” is what makes them such a successful team.

Jake agreed with his mother by describing his teammates as his “best friends” and “lifelong friends,” which helps them play better together as a team.

Whether it was the lock-down defense or the close-knit team environment, the Loyola Ramblers have broken the nine-year curse and are finally victorious over the Evanston Wildkits.

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Maroon Ramblerettes Take on the CLDC Thu, 30 Jan 2020 19:29:05 +0000 Loyola’s Maroon Ramblerettes, coached by Kerry Dubay, finished second place in the 2020 Catholic League Dance Championship on Sunday, January 19th. The competition took place at Loyola Academy and hosted a number of skilled varsity and junior varsity teams.

Geneva Varsity Dance Team finished in first place, just half a point ahead of the Ramblerettes. This was a victory for the Maroon Ramblerettes. Caroline Gubbins, a sophomore on the team, described the Catholic League Dance Championship as “A win in our book!”

The Ramblerettes passionately delivered a practically perfect performance. Coach Kerry Dubay agreed with this saying, “It was by far their best performance!” She added, “The team’s improvement was reflected in their scores. The fact that they placed second by only .5 to a very talented varsity team shows that they have improved a lot,” Mrs. Dubay said with pride.

The Maroon Ramblerettes’ coach enthusiastically said that it seems to be starting to click for her girls, which is fantastic with sectionals and state just around the corner.

Caroline Gubbins gave me an inside look as to what goes on behind the scenes when preparing for competition season. She explained that once competition season starts, the Ramblerettes’ practices become longer and more frequent. As she put it, “Our team doesn’t mind the vigorous, tiring practices because we all have so much love for one another and our sport.” She added “The team moral really motivates us to push ourselves and be better.”

As I observed the dancers on Sunday, this connection was clear to me and everyone in the audience. Every turn, every hit, every breath oozed with power and energy. The emotion they portrayed was breathtaking and you could feel the love they have for one another. All of these qualities shined through in their performance, affirming how great of a team they are.

Coach Dubay had a similar response when I asked her what changes as competition season approaches. She explained to me, “Practices tend to be more intense. We do things more full out and intensely clean both routines.”

She added the goal is to make each routine as sharp and crisp as possible, in addition to working on synchronization and timing.

It was clear that the Maroon Ramblerettes have been working on these things because their routine on Sunday was seamless. They were able to find a balance between sharp and smooth movements. This contrast demonstrates the effort Coach Dubay and the dancers have been putting in each day.

With this successful competition under the Maroon Ramblerettes’ belts, they are feeling more confident about what’s to come in the remainder of their season.

They now know that they can hold their own when competing against varsity teams, which is a huge confidence boost. Way to go Maroon!

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Boys Swimming Team Has Best Record in 20 Years Thu, 30 Jan 2020 19:14:53 +0000 On Saturday, January 18, the boys swim team raced to victory at New Trier High School.

The team came in first with 190 points, while New Trier came in second with 183 points. Stevenson was third, St. Charles North was fourth, and Neuqua Valley was fifth, followed by eleven more teams.

Chloe Tierney
The boys swim team celebrates their win at the New Trier Invite. Team captains Luke Maurer and and Everet Andrew look to lead their team at the State meet on Sat, Feb 29.

“We had momentum from the get go,” said Maurer. “We had good medley relays, and my brother and I combined to win the 200 free, Everet won individually in the 200 IM,” continues Maurer. “We had really good energy and kept the ball rolling the entire meet.”

The team has a great momentum looking forward to sectionals and state.

As the state swim meet approaches in five weeks, the Loyola swim team prepares by winning meets like New Trier Invite. Seniors Everet Andrew and Luke Maurer take on their roles as captains to push their team to victory.

Everet Andrew is off to Navy next year and Luke Maurer is attending Stanford, where they both will swim competitively.

“It’s interesting [as captains], but really good,” said Andrew.

The two have been captains for two years in a row, but said this year is different. “We have placed higher in these two duel meets than in 20 years,” said Andrew. “So this is the year where we would win state.”

Maurer adds, “It will be challenging, but we will try our hardest and see what happens.”

The winning relay of the meet, a 400 free relay, included Everet and Lachlan Andrew, and Luke and Rex Maurer. The brothers’ combined efforts won the meet.

“Their biggest competition is Glenbrook South,” says Mr. Andrew, Everet and Lachlan’s father, who is in the Hall of Fame at Loyola. “The team is in their best shape, and they are preparing for state.” Mr. Andrew is well known in the Loyola community and has faith for the team to succeed.

“We will probably taper right after sectionals,” said Everet Andrew. “We have one more duel meet, then champion season starts.”

Maurer adds, “We have a lot of momentum, so we are pushing the team in practice and at meets; we have a pretty young team, so we are trying to lead the way and set a good example. We are helping the guys out when they’re struggling.”

Andrew continues, “We had great seniors [last year] and we want to keep that going.”

Andrew and Maurer are keeping the team strong and expect hard work from the boys. The team is looking great, especially for the upcoming meets. Andrew and Maurer are keeping a positive energy for the team, and they will see what is to come for the following meets.

The state meet is Saturday, February 29 at 11:00am at Evanston High School.

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Dance Jam, Not as Groovy as Expected Thu, 30 Jan 2020 17:34:06 +0000 On Thursday, January 16th the Loyola Academy dance jam took place. While the talent was at an all time high, attendance was at a low.

The dance jam is a performance put on by the various dance classes. Each dancer is assigned a group, and they have a couple of months to choreograph a dance to perform.

The dance jam was created seven years ago by Ms. Henslee. When asked why she started it, she responded by saying that “They [the dance students] were so good, and only being shown in the classroom. It was a shame.” At the time, the dances were only being performed for the class, and being graded on the spot.

Ms. Henslee and another teacher, Ms. Sneidhard, saw how incredible these dances were, and felt the need to share them with the broader Loyola community.

The administration had given them permission to do performances at night, but not during the day. They eventually were given permission to do performances during lunch periods, which they had taken away and this is its first year back.

“Three quarters of the auditorium was filled with family,” said Ms. Henslee talking about the night performance. This sadly was not the case when it came to the lunch period performance.

Marygrace Calk is an honors dance student and has been performing in the dance jam all four years in her career at Loyola. When asked about the attendance during the day, she said “It’s kind of what I expected. It’s never packed by any means. Friends come, teachers come to support as well.”

Marygrace believes that the low attendance is due to the poor advertisement. When a handful of students were asked if they had gone to the dance jam, many responded by saying that they didn’t even know it was happening. Marygrace said that they advertised by making Tik Tocks and sending them to friends. This may be why only friends knew.

Claire Coleman was an observer at the dance jam. When asked why she went, she said that it was because she was friends with one of the performers, otherwise she most likely wouldn’t have gone because she didn’t hear about it.

This was her first time at a fine arts event at Loyola. When I asked her to compare the attendance of the dance jam to a sporting event, she said that there was a clear difference. “Many students go to sporting events because they are said in the announcements and hyped up. The dance jam wasn’t advertised in that way so that could be a cause” said Claire.

I asked her if she would go to the dance jam again, and she said absolutely, and she believes that other students would as well if they heard about it.

The dance jam proved to be an important event. It connects the dances that students are working on in class to the greater public. Students should attend this event in the future to see a new light shed on the fine arts classes.

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